About Us

With all potential, equipped with herbal heritage and sophisticated processing technology, Bali Alus intends to process and disperse wide varieties of nutritious herb plants turns into intermediate products ready for natural care products, such as hair care, facial care, body care , foot care and aromatheraphy with virgin coconut oil ( VCO )-based ingredients

Bali Alus also has expand its target market not only local-based but also exporting goods to overseas such as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and European countries. Bali Alus meets the standard of Good Manufacturing Produc( GMP ), legal for white labels and makloon and accomplished ISO 9001


The philosophy of Balinese culture is balance, balance is another form of perfection, whatever we concoct, what we make to get maximum results must be with a balanced composition, not too much and not too little.

Ancestral Recipe Potions


Means Soft, Nice, beautiful skin, healthy skin is skin that is Alus regardless of skin color.


Ni Kadek Eka Citrawati, ST as Founder of PT. Bali Alus Botanical in collaboration with I Putu Katra, ST as the CEO of PT Bali Alus Botanical succeeded in bringing together traditional ingredients with modern science and technology.

Departing from the knowledge of concocting and concocting plants passed down and taught by parents from life and the natural environment, daily caring for the skin and body from plants has been self-taught for generations as ancestral heritage, since childhood he has been involved in concocting plants for body care. Born in a village in Bali which is rich in herbal plants whose properties are extraordinary and all of these plants have long been studied by their ancestors and have been used for generations for skin care and most of these agricultural products are exported such as Aloe Vera, Patchouli, citronella, coconut oil, vanilla and other herbs because these agricultural products have super quality armed with architectural education and knowledge, namely the benefits of herbal plants for skin care and beauty in depth in the Netherlands, especially for expiration dates, how to consistently use ingredients from plants but can have a long shelf life without preservatives.

Vision and Mission


Introducing Indonesia's Culture with Bali Alus Products throughout the Country and Internationally


Creating organic cosmetic products that are the main solution for beauty care in the midst of a modern lifestyle for customers.

The Products

Creating safe and friendly products for customers and innovating to meet market trend needs.

The Leadership

Ni Kadek Eka Citrawati, ST as Founder of PT. Bali Alus Botanical in collaboration with I Putu Katra, ST as the CEO of PT Bali Alus Botanical succeeded in obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate and continues to implement a professional work system.

The Company in Industry

PT Bali Alus has been established since 2000, managed to survive through the 2019 pandemic and continues to grow until now.

The Competitors

The unique value of Bali Alus which comes from natural ingredients that are empowered and processed with modern technology makes Bali Alus one of the leading choices for skin care products in the midst of competition.

The Financial Status

Since standing PT. Bali Alus experiences an annual increase in sales of 30% to 40%.

Future Plans

Building 100 Boutiques and 1000 partner outlets throughout Indonesia and dominating the Asian market in 2030

A Brief History

The name Bali Alus is used because we want to introduce where it comes from this product was born. Bali has cultural characteristics that must be cared for, Bali too has the value of the balance of life and nature. While Alus has the connotation of a quality product and means alus the end result of this product can make the wearer’s skin smooth and healthy.


Legally forming UD Bali Alus, starting with 3 people on Jl. Srirama, Denpasar


Moved to Jl. Bung Tomo V, with 25 employees and working with 15 partner outlets in Bali.


Building Factory and Head Office on Jl. Wibisana as Representative.


PT. Bali Alus with 100 employees and 50 outlets in Bali and Jakarta.


Get ISO 9001 Certification


Obtaining Halal Certification from LPPOM MUI


PT. Bali Alus has more than 200 employees and 450 partner outlets throughout Indonesia plus 3 boutiques in Bali.

Value & Characteristic

Thematic Cosmetic

Organic Natural Product

Balinese Traditional Recipe

Bali Alus & Farmer

Bali Alus has take farmers into account by forming Farmer Groups (SUBAK) in Bali by utilizes idle farming lands by planting raw materials of Bali Alus.Total area of our community development project has reach 60 hectares and involves 200 farmers.

Bali Alus uses 2 essential oil distillation in Bali with capacity of ± 600 kg of essential plants for single distillation process. In Badung district, located in Plaga and Gulingan, our farmer groups of essential plants are connected to the refining industry. The areathe Kamasan, Bongkasa, Gulingan and Petang has a total of 4 Extraction Plants to supoort our 4 distilleries.

The advantages of the farmer empowerment system from Bali Alus are:
The quality of Bali Alus products is guaranteed
Improving welfare to farmers

Women & Empowerment

We are committed to being useful and having a positive impact on society and the environment, especially focusing on empowering women and local farmers.

So that it can raise the standard of living and help educate people to use natural and safe products for body care.

Facility Production

Bali Alus products are processed in modern facilities and meet safety, hygiene and health standards. So that it can produce quality products.

Production capacity of 10 tons or 100,000 pcs/month can be increased according to demand.

Our Work

In addition to producing raw materials that are processed and maintained for quality, we also have a business that is the prima donna in the industry.

Bali Alus Manufacturing

Private label cosmetics manufacture

BALI ALUS natural beauty, personal care & spa products

Moksa organic beauty, personal & skin care products

Bussiness Development

Affiliate Marketing

Make it easier for the community to work together with Bali Alus through a transparent system of direct profit sharing.

Expanding Partner Outlet

Adding a network of partner outlets, especially outside Bali.

Direct Distributor & Reseller

Intense approach to partners related to market wants and content needs

Promotion Offline & Online

Promotion through Internet marketing and direct marketing

Cooperate With Local Goverment

Increase education on the benefits of health in caring for the skin

Strategy Planning Process

Bali Alus sales increased by 18% from 2018 to 2019. However during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 Bali Alus sales decrease by -146% when many business collaps.

Despite the challenging times during the pandemic, Bali Alus has made a strong comeback in sales. In just the first three months of 2023, Bali Alus has already reached a sales figured of Rp1.8 billion, which is a promising start for the year. With a projected total of Rp7.1 billion for the year, Bali Alus is on track to bounce back stronger than ever.

Looking ahead, Bali Alus is expected to continue its upward trajectory with a minimum growth rate of 30% for the next five years. This optimistic outlook is fueled by the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation, as well as its ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

Despite the setback in 2020 and 2021, Bali Alus has proven its resilience and commitment to success. As the brand continues to grow and evolve, customers can expect nothing but the best in terms of quality.